What Might People Think?

When I was thinking of hitting the publish button yesterday, I was like talking to my self! It might sound crazy but I was literally having a self talk! 
Is it worth it? Is anyone going to read it? Does my blog look great? Is it professional? Does my writing skill not great enough ? Is anyone going to relate to my content? 
I have been basically overthinking! I have been worried about many things lately! One of them is what people might think? So, yeah for as long as I remember using social media and any form of other public platforms & communication channels I have always been self doubting and worried about other people's judgement. Even now when I write this I cannot deny the fact that I am extremely scared that I would be discovered by someone in my family or friends soon.
I am definite that this is a very common feeling every new youtuber/blogger/social media influencer feels the very first time they post! But why the hell are we so worried about judgement of people? Is it b…

Who The Hell Am I?

I am Miss Relaxed. 
And I know it really does not matter if I introduce myself to you or not because this blog is pretty new and I am sure no one has found me yet. I am definite that you would be reading this blog post atleast a month after I post. That means the first comment I might get is probably after a month or two after I post!
Now if by any chance you have read this far & if you are wondering who the hell am I.......And what value do I have to offer in this already dense world of blogging.....then fret not, I am not here to follow mass or to be a blogger. I am here to simply talk to you!
Yes you read that right! To be very honest I have no great value to offer you or no no creative contents other than posting about how to life life positively and without stress, about dramatic life of mine and what lessons I have learned and about your stories and your creative works! 
But other then this I might also do something random like I would post thought provoking contents, …